MAPS Elementary Teacher of the Year

Our MAPS K-5 Teacher of The Year for 2023-2024 is Alana Huff, a 2nd Grade Teacher at Sandy Knoll Elementary School. Her colleague wrote, “Alana creates a safe, respectful, and loving classroom environment where all students can be successful in their own way and in their own time.  Alana seeks out new resources and is consistently open to new ideas to try with her students.  When something doesn’t work she tries something else.  She is willing to push herself out of her comfort zone and try new things and gives herself the opportunity to fail, reflect, and retry.  Her top priority is student success and she knows that every student can learn in their own way and at their own pace.  Through this process, she makes sure that the students feel success in one way or another.  As a colleague, Alana is professional and real about the teaching profession…She is not just a colleague but also a friend and a leader at Sandy Knoll.”

Past Award Winners

Elementary Teacher of the Year
2022-23 Kirsti Brunet (Superior Hills Elementary)
2021-22 Melissa Polkinghorne (Superior Hills Elementary)
2020-21 Nicole Heidtman (Superior Hills Elementary)
2018-19 Ben Posey (Cherry Creek Elementary)

Teacher of the Year
2017-18 Lesley Addison (Bothwell Middle School)
2016-17 Patti Karwoski (Superior Hills Elementary)
2015-16 Erin Donovan (Superior Hills Elementary)
2014-15 Sara Moyle (Bothwell Middle School)
2013-14 Matthew Brintlinger (Marquette Alternative High School)
2012-13 Kristina O'Connor & Blythe Raikko (Marquette Senior High School)
2011-12 Cynthia DePetro (Marquette Alternative High School)
2010-11 Karla McCutcheon (Marquette Senior High School)
2009-10 Cheryl Emich-Leete (Sandy Knoll Elementary)
2008-09 Lisa Jahnke (Marquette Senior High School)
2007-08 Toni Landick (Bothwell Middle School)
2006-07 Mary Stevenson (Marquette Senior High School)
2005-06 Carolyn Northey (Bothwell Middle School)
2004-05 Fred Cole (Marquette Senior High School)
2003-04 Christopher Standerford (Marquette Senior High School)
2002-03 Marianne Evans (Graveraet Intermediate School) & Karen Bacula (Bothwell Middle School)
2001-02 Marsha Page (Vandenboom Elementary School)
2000-01 Ellen Zaki (Marquette Senior High School)
1999-00 Janis Shier Norton (Marquette Senior High School & Bothwell Middle School)
1997-98 Cheryl Gustafson (Bothwell Middle School)
1996-97 Iris Katers (Graveraet Intermediate School)
1995-96 Sue Szczepanski (Whitman Elementary)
1994-95 Sharon Green (Graveraet Intermediate School)
1993-94 Mary McKinney (Bothwell Middle School)
1992-93 Bev Humpula (Bothwell Middle School)
1991-92 Jill Nelson (Fisher Elementary)
1990-91 Jim Brogan (Marquette Senior High School)
1989-90 Ruth Murphy (Fisher Elementary)